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  Dennis Noble was born in London England in 1940 and immigrated to Canada at the age of 15. He lived in the East end of Toronto, attended Danforth Technical Institute and then went on to The Ontario College of Art.

  He started his career as a commercial artist in Toronto in the early 60's after graduating from O.C.A.D. and briefly working as a teaching assistant there.

  Dennis struggled to accept the commercial art scene as a true artist, yet reluctantly achieved success with a multitude of works in Toronto Life and Maclean's magazine.  His accolades include multiple awards for his illustrations in the U.S., Japan and Canada.  He painted several stamp series for Canada Post, receiving stamp of the year for his lighthouse series.      Stamp Portfolio


  As an artist, Dennis was however much happier creating his playful, more abstract works.  This is where his unique eye for tonal qualities and  whimsical nature of overlaying realism on an almost elementary background really trademarked his one of a kind style.


Den was eventually able to achieve his goal of creating a museum to house his works when he moved to Belleville and started work on an old Stone church. It eventually became the Stonechurch Museum of Art. A magical space was created for displaying his work and for his partner Brigitte to instruct Yoga amongst the back drop of Lovers.


  Sadly Dennis left us in the Spring of 2014 leaving behind his life works.

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